Worker safety
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Our fully customizable app combines 25 years of experience in worker safety and the highest development standards.

Protecting you from your pocket.

The Sibeel app uses all technologies and sensors available on modern smartphones and the most advanced data integrity and deliverability standards to make sure any potential distress situation is transmitted with zero delay to the right collaborator in your organization.

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With Sibeel, workers assigned to a fixed or sitted workstation are protected too. After setting up a periodic reminder, the worker will be asked to confirm his presence and safety, manually. In case presence is not confirmed in time, the alert process will be triggered.


With a precise and customized setting, Sibeel will detect any unusual user situation, especially those resulting from a fall. This event will trigger the appropriate alert process to evaluate the worker’s status and deploy the necessary rescue measures, with no waste of time.

Panic mode

In case of emergency, there might be no time to open the app, look for an SOS button and push it during 15 seconds. To deal with this situation, Sibeel has implemented the «Panic Mode» feature : Simply shake the phone to trigger the alert process.


Unusual Immobility might be a sign of a critical worker situation (unconsciousness, loss of physical integrity, loss of mobility…). The immobility detection allows to identify those unusual behaviors, with custom parameters, and triggers an alert if needed.

Monitoring and Alerts.

Based on the best practices, Sibeel provides efficient tools to monitor and control workers activity and danger exposure.

Private Mode

The balance between security and privacy is crucial. Sibeel tracks the location of all workers in real time. However, in some situations, workers do not agree being tracked. To promote rapid adoption of our tool and limit the friction associated with any monitoring system, Sibeel allows workers to stop real time tracking by using the app's "private mode".

Connecting more services
to a safer environment.

Sibeel will soon be compatible with all communication technologies, including Bluetooth.

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Any IOT devices can be plugged on the system to generate custom alerts: precise indoor positioning, movement detection, temperature, water leak and humidity level detection.

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